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November 1, 2016, Department, by NRPA

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Resident vs. Nonresident — Many agencies have created different pricing structures for residents versus nonresidents to use their facilities. The problem for some professionals becomes defining who is considered a resident. Members share their policies in this thread.

Split for contractual services — Are you in the process of updating your contractual services agreements? Read this discussion to see how your colleagues are splitting the rate between the facility and the instructor.  

Lifeguards at coach-supervised practices — This hot topic has members discussing their practices with regard to requiring lifeguards to be present at all coach-supervised swim practices. Questions include, if guards are not required, do you have specific requirements for coaches’ certifications to conduct swim practices independently?

Activity guides/marketing — Looking for inspiration to improve marketing your programming at your recreation centers? Visit this post for budget-friendly ideas to cut printing costs by using social media and increasing your online presence. 

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