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July 1, 2016, Department, by Hayley Herzing

Have you posted on NRPA Connect? NRPA Connect allows you to network and share resources, ideas and inspirations with your peers in the park and recreation field. Below, find a preview of what you’re missing:

Off-season uses for outdoor ice skating: There are many ways to use outdoor ice-skating rinks in the off-season. Ideas range from splash pads to sand volleyball courts and places to host outdoor events, including markets, weddings and picnics.   

Public comments at advisory board meetings: How do you structure your advisory board meetings to allow for public comments? Do you allow open comments, comments on agenda items only or is speaking time limited? Weigh in on your rules for your meetings. 

Private grills in parks: Members in this discussion share their policies about patrons bringing their own charcoal or gas grills to parks. Many agencies have policies that do not allow charcoal because of concerns about proper disposal. Others don’t allow grills to be brought in at all — they have instead installed permanent grills for public use. 

Budget placement: What are the pros and cons of moving your park and recreation budget out of the general fund? Your colleagues discuss their experiences, including one example of a budget managed by an appointed citizen’s commission with full powers to approve all functions of the department. 

It’s easy to stay in touch. NRPA Connect is now 100 percent responsive on all devices! Don’t get left behind, click here to join the conversation. 


Hayley Herzing, NRPA’s Membership Programs Manager