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August 1, 2016, Department, by NRPA

If you haven’t visited NRPA Connect, you are missing out on the opportunity to share ideas, ask questions and browse the knowledge center full of useful resources. Here is a preview of the sizzling hot topics currently under discussion:

1.  Exempt employees clocking in and out: Members discuss their policies and the federal law prohibiting the tracking of exempt employees. Advice ranges from different tracking systems to contacting a human resources attorney.   

2.  Swimsuit attire: While your community tries to beat the heat this August at the local pool, many agencies are wondering how their fellow facilities are defining appropriate swim suit attire. Visit this discussion for examples of what other professionals find acceptable and what they think shouldn’t be allowed. 

3.  Marketing plan for recreation centers: Looking for examples of marketing plans to use for your recreation center grand opening? Look no further, as your colleagues share some innovative ways they have successfully marketed their grand openings.

4.  Security cameras at parks: Participants in this thread discuss installing security cameras in their parks to help stop vandalism. Visit this topic to read about different options to fit your budget. 

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