NRPA’s Wonderful Waystation

April 1, 2015, Department, by Marissa Bracamonte

Jacob Schaffner (center, standing) directs his team of helpers during the December 2014 planting of monarch waystation No. 9712 at NRPA headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia. NRPA HQ’s new monarch waystation is currently in progress thanks to work by Eagle Scout candidate Jacob Schaffner, his Boy Scout troop, his family and NRPA’s Director of Facilities and Administrative Services Ted Mattingly. 

The garden, which officially broke ground December 20, 2014, is registered as monarch waystation No. 9712 and will be completed in early May 2015. Baptisia, kalimeris, coreopsis, amsonia, phlox and milkweed (both asclepias tuberosa and asclepias incarnate) are some of the plants that have already been put in place to ensure that late this spring and throughout the summer and fall, the waystation will be home to a variety of birds, bees, and other pollinating insects and butterflies, including migrating monarch butterflies. These butterflies are a threatened wildlife species, and the garden will be part of a larger effort across the country to protect these insects and help with monarch conversation, as well as a beautiful nature display. 

The NRPA Green Team will also be part of the effort to keep the monarch waystation thriving, and they hope to add additional beds in the future.

Marissa Bracamonte is Parks & Recreation magazine’s Editorial Intern.