April 1, 2015, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

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Why is there even any debate about this? These public lands are set aside as a refuge for native wildlife and for visitors to enjoy the native wildlife. Why in the world would you allow a highly destructive, non-native invasive species to live there, let alone be fed by people there? Domestic house cats should be handled the same way we handle feral hogs and Burmese pythons.

Comment from J.J. McKibbin, an independent environmentalist, regarding Mark Battista’s March 2015 article, “Public Lands Besieged by Cats” 


I wanted to let you know that as a 24-year professional member of NRPA, that the Agency Spotlight is one of the best ideas that Parks & Recreation magazine has ever come up with. It should be kept in the magazine for a long time. It allows small, rural, urban, and midsize park districts, and public park and recreation agencies to all be highlighted on a national level. Our department is a Premiere Agency Member and our staff truly supports and appreciates what NRPA employees do for our national association and the profession. Keep up all of the good work. 

Email from Walt Bratton, CPRP, Assistant Director for the Oklahoma City Parks and Recreation Department


Open Streets is a great concept. Louisville designates streets for pedestrian and bicycle use only at various times during the summer. It’s a linear park with a diversity of recreation activities. It is important that we advocate for clean streets policy...making streets safe and accessible for all modes of transportation...connecting parks and trail systems. Connectivity should be integral to 21st-century transportation policy!

Comment from Mark Alan Young, a consultant with Kentucky-based Parks Forever Consulting, regarding NRPA Vice President of Urban and Government Affairs Kevin O’Hara’s March 2015 Open Space blog post, “Playing in the Streets” 


We were successful in securing a local health and natural food product store as a partner to provide loaves of whole grain breads and all sorts of fruits from the tropical to the regular fare as a large daily basket, at no cost to us, which we share with staff and patrons alike at our main recreation center and district offices for no cost. It has been a huge success in changing eating habits of especially the youth who frequent our facility — they look forward to a piece of fruit as a free and healthy snack instead of a snack from the vending machines, in which we continue to offer more and more healthier fare, too! 

Comment from Seve Ghose, CPRE, Deputy Superintendent at Willamalane Park and Recreation District in Springfield, Oregon, regarding NRPA Senior Program Manager Kellie May’s February 2015 Open Space blog post, “Are You Committed?” 


The Town of Manchester, Connecticut, Parks and Recreation Department’s online and mobile app for Manchester Town trails is another way trails are going high tech!

Comment from Rob Topliff Jr., Recreation Supervisor at Manchester Parks and Recreation Department, regarding NRPA Vice President of Research Travis Smith’s October 2014 Open Space blog post, “Trails Are Going High Tech. Are You Ready?