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July 1, 2013, Department, by NRPA

“What large-scale measures have your agency put in place to conserve water both indoors and out?”

We have implemented a comprehensive water ordinance, installed centralized irrigation systems, installed waterless urinals, eliminated dilapidated pools and replaced them with splash pads, and aggressively removed turf and replaced them with drought-tolerant plant material where feasible. However, the “next practice” that I find most intriguing is the engineering work that measures the results of stormwater capture and treatment. With changing weather patterns, this, along with recycled water recharge, is the future. Check out what our partners at Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District are doing to measure results. Impressive!!
Scott A. Bangle, CPRP
General Manager
Riverside County Regional Parks
Riverside County, California

Poll: How serious is your agency getting about water conservation?
We’ve done minor upgrades in facilities such as installing low-flow faucets, water-reducing toilets and other inexpensive water conservation measures. (29%)
We’re doing significant water conservation measures in facilities and in parks such as installing waterless toilets, tweaking our irrigation systems, and implementing water-conservation measures at pools and aquatic facilities. (43%)
We’re very committed to water conservation in our facilities and parks and have taken steps such as replacing irrigation systems and installing waterless or highly water-conserving bathroom facilities. We are looking at how we can implement best water-conservation practices in all ways. (29%)

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