Introducing Three Aquatics Program Providers

November 1, 2012, Department, by NRPA

Three aquatics program providers now offer significant savings on lifeguard training and swimming instruction programs for NRPA members.Early this year, NRPA partnered with top leading aquatic safety program providers: the American Red Cross, Ellis & Associates, and Starfish Aquatics Institute. Each has designed savings on their lifeguard training and swimming instruction programs, providing NRPA members with more opportunities to save on their total training costs.

We encourage you to check out these valuable partnerships. Below are a few highlights of the significant savings:

American Red Cross—NRPA members can take advantage of their new pricing structure, which will charge an affordable per-facility fee with added benefits—and the student fees will now be reduced to $1 per student. Additionally, NRPA members will receive a 10 percent discount on all aquatic printed and web-based materials. The Red Cross discounts apply to each individual program, with additional savings for multiple programs.

Ellis & Associates—NRPA members can join the International Lifeguard Training Program (ILTP) and/or the Jeff Ellis Swimming Program (JES) to receive significant savings on fees, trainings, course kits, annual required program reviews, JES program instructor/facilitator trainings, skill cards, and more. Sign up for ILTP and JES for up to 40 percent savings.

Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI)— NRPA members have the option of joining their Starguard lifeguard training program and Starfish Swimming instruction program together to reap a 20 percent discount on their all-inclusive start-up and training package. SAI also offers the option to sign up for each program individually for 15 percent or 10 percent discounts, respectively. NRPA members who are existing authorized providers of SAI programs will receive a 20 percent discount on selected program-related products offered throughout the year.

As park and recreation agencies across the country examine ways to stay competitive and find efficiencies, NRPA member discount programs are a solution to help agencies operate effectively. We want to ensure that NRPA agencies have more choices and more flexibility, while still receiving access to state-of-the-art training courses and cutting-edge resources and tools.

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