Here’s how to tell your Park and Rec Kid story!

1. Think about your experiences in parks and recreation when you were younger. Maybe you went to the park for family picnics, played basketball at the rec center or learned to swim at the public pool. Whatever it is, you probably have a park and rec story! How did it shape you? 

2. Share your story on video! Cell phone videos are perfect. Take a selfie video or ask a friend! In the video you should answer these prompts. Try to keep your video short (15 to 45 seconds). If you need more inspiration, check out the sample scripts below. 
    a. Hi, I’m ______ and I’m a park and rec kid because____________________________. 
    b. I challenge you to get out to your local park and then share why you’re a park and rec kid too! 

Feel free to challenge your family and friends to share their story! Call ‘em out in the video and tag them in your social posts! 

3. Share your video with NRPA. Take that video and Facebook, Tweet, Instagram and YouTube it! Share it with the world! Just make sure to tag NRPA and use #ImAParkandRecKid. 
    a. NRPA Facebook: National Recreation and Park Association
    b. NRPA Twitter: @NRPA_News
    c. NRPA Instagram@NRPA
    d. NRPA YouTube: National Recreation and Park Association

We’d also love for you to share your YouTube video with us—we’ll add it our Park and Rec Kid Playlist! Send your YouTube video to Roxanne Sutton.


Sample Scripts

Sample 1

Hey Guys! Did you know that I’m a Park and Rec Kid? Yup, I played my first game of _____ in Pawnee Commons Park in my hometown of Pawnee, IN. That’s where I learned to throw a ball, play fair and I may have even met a couple girls.

I challenge all of you to get out into your local parks and rec centers and then let me know why you’re a Park and Rec Kid too!

Sample 2

I’m Leslie Knope and I’m a Park and Rec Kid! My first swimming lesson was at the Pawnee Public Rec Center. I even remember my instructor, Jane, who didn’t think I’d ever jump into the deep end. Well, after 3 Olympic gold medals I’m sure glad Jane pushed me!

I challenge you to take a swim at your local rec center or get outside to your favorite community park. Then share why you’re a Park and Rec Kid too! 


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