NRPA hosts an exciting series of webinars designed to educate new and veteran Park Champions on how to be effective park and recreation advocates. The Park Champion webinar series is packed with information on park and recreation legislation, advocacy tips and tricks, and a premier slate of guest speakers. Archived recorded webinars are available below.

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2018 Park Champion Webinars

July 19th: "The Parks and Rec Elevator Pitch"

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Archived Webinars


June 7th: "Farm to Summer: Ag-vocating for Parks and Rec in the Farm Bill"

April 19th: "National Trails Day: Bringing Capitol Hill to a Trail Near You"

March 1st: "Park Champions: Advocating for Parks as Infrastructure"

February 15th: "Park Champions: Bringing Capitol Hill to a Park Near You"



June 15th: "Park Champions: Crafting Your Advocacy Story"

February 8th: "Bringing Capitol Hill to a Park Near You"



August 18th: "Utilizing Social Media for Effective Advocacy"

June 29th: "Mobilizing Your Volunteer Networks for Advocacy"

June 2nd: "Storytelling for Parks and Rec Advocacy"

April 28th: "Planning a Park Champion Event"

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