NRPA Premier Member BenefitsThis all-inclusive membership package* provides agencies with maximum value and convenience to NRPA’s exceptional tools and resources. With the Premier Package, your entire team can make the most of both the standard membership benefits – NRPA Connect, Parks & Recreation magazine, informative newsletters, etc. – along with the exceptional Premier membership benefits listed below.

Please allow up to one business day for membership activation after joining online.

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Benefits for Premier Members

Member Discounts

  • Accessibility Audits
  • Background and Volunteer Screenings
  • Fun Express/Oriental Trading
  • Insurance Programs
  • Emergency Network Platform

Bulk Purchasing Discounts

  • Annual Conference Registration
  • Certification - CPRP/CPRE
  • Online Learning
  • Publications

Free Monthly Virtual Learning Subscription

  • Stay current on the latest trends and best practices in the field with 12 on-demand education Talks, one per month. These on-demand talks will be released on the first Monday of the month unless otherwise noted. The full 2023 Monthly Virtual Learning Subscription is worth a total of 1.2 CEU.

Grant Opportunities

  • Access to approximately $5 million annually.

Agency Performance Resources

  • Use the dashboard, survey and annual report to more effectively manage your resources and facilities.

Facility Market Reports

  • Obtain key data and insights about the market served by your agency’s facilities.


PLUS: All the standard member benefits and professional development resources.

See a full list of Membership Benefits here.

Agency Size*
(Full-Time Employees)
Parks & Recreation Magazine Subscriptions
1-10 $700 8 Print, All Package Members Receive Digital Version
11-20 $900 10 Print, All Package Members Receive Digital Version
21-50 $1,200
15 Print, All Package Members Receive Digital Version
51-100 $1,700 18 Print, All Package Members Receive Digital Version
101-250 $2,500 20 Print, All Package Members Receive Digital Version
251-500 $3,275
25 Print, All Package Members Receive Digital Version
501-1,000 $4,350 30 Print, All Package Members Receive Digital Version
1,000+ $6,050 35 Print, All Package Members Receive Digital Version

 *Package must include all full-time employees. Up to 10 advocate members who serve on park and recreation boards or advisory councils, are in elected or appointed civic roles, or are community volunteers, are also included. Agencies may add as many part-time employees as they would like, if they exceed the package size, then the membership rate will increase.

Contact NRPA: 800.626.NRPA (6772) or

Learn about NRPA's Membership refund policy.

Agency Definition

One department within a jurisdiction (city, county, town, etc.) that provides park and/or recreation services defines an agency. Jurisdictions that have multiple agencies that offer park and/or recreation services must join at the individual agency level and not at the jurisdictional level. For example, if your county has a Department of Parks and a separate Department of Recreation, each department (agency) would become individual premier agencies and count the total number of employees separately by each department to determine the premier level. This scenario also applies to military units and tribal lands/reservations. In those cases, individual military installations or bases or individual tribal lands/reservations would join as individual premier agencies.

Universities may also become Premier Members under the packages listed above. 

Why choose Premier?

Value, value, value. When you choose the Premier package, you pay one upfront cost for your entire agency to access a wide variety of educational programs. Plus! Only agencies that choose a package membership have access to savings and discounts provided by dozens of NRPA Member Business Solutions.

If you are ready to renew your Premier application, please contact our Customer Service Team at 800-626-6772. We look forward to keeping you on as a Premier member!

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