By Lauren Hoffmann | Posted on November 23, 2015

It never ceases to me amaze me how quickly Thanksgiving comes around. It literally feels like yesterday we were saying goodbye to summer and getting ready for the 2015 NRPA Annual Conference. But alas, Thanksgiving is here.

If you have read the NRPA blog the last few years we seemed to have started a tradition with our Thanksgiving-themed blog posts that we hope you now look forward to just as much as you do that special pie or side dish at your Thanksgiving feast. And this year, the tradition continues.

In years past, we reflected on things we should be thankful for as they relate to parks and recreation. Well this year, we asked the world – through social media – what would you thank a park and recreation professional for?

We had a hunch we would see some really good responses because, let’s be honest, the work of parks and recreation out there is second to none. You are working hard every day to improve health and wellness, protect our natural resources, bring diverse populations together and create a strong sense of community that helps people have a high quality of life. Just like you may have heard at the conference, you truly are “Park and Recreation Champions” 

As we guessed, the responses were great and we’ve shared a sampling here. We'd be remiss if we didn't say at NRPA, we are very thankful for all of you, our members and the dedicated park and recreation professionals, staff, volunteers and those that support parks and recreation. We thank you for all that you do everyday and for your support.

As you enjoy your Thanksgiving feast, we hope you enjoy these affirmations this week too! Happy Thanksgiving!


@NRPA_news I want to #ThankAParkRecPro for working when everyone else wants to play! #Recreation #Parks #LifeIsGood

— Diane Ramos (@Tobayrecreation) November 19, 2015

#ThankAParkRecPro for providing trees in a sea of asphalt. https://t.co/fhScakKMZE

— Jenna Woosley (@JennaWoosley) November 6, 2015

@GrandFunGP @NRPA_news I want to thank them for keeping our parks beautiful! Especially my hardworking husband, Joey Gomez!

— Sarah Gomez (@sarahgomez1010) November 6, 2015

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What would you #ThankAParkRecPro for? Leave a comment below or share your response with us using #ThankAParkRecPro on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Lauren Hoffmann is NRPA's director of marketing and communications