Parks and Recreation in a Digital World — Episode 017

By Cort Jones | Posted on February 26, 2018

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On today’s episode, we’re discussing a new research report titled, “From Green Space to Digital Place.” The report takes a look at smart city strategies and how cities are capitalizing on technological advances. When cities are looking at their budgets and identifying key areas for investment, parks and recreation are often put on the back-burner even though they are such an essential element to a thriving community. This report looks at the public interest in park and recreation services, and that the public is ready for a digital shift in how facilities and services are managed, communicated and accessed.

Today’s guests are from the companies that published this research, Paysafe and Amilia. Paysafe is a leading provider of payment solutions that connects businesses to consumers around the world, and Amilia is a Montreal-based software company whose mission is to empower communities by bringing their parks and recreation services online.

We’re also speaking with the Town of Montreal West Recreation and Cultural Services Dept., who has recently transitioned to a digital platform for registration and payment of their programs.

To learn more and to view the full research report, click here.


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