Park Improvements That Won’t Break Your Community’s Budget

By Little Tikes Commercial | Posted on May 11, 2021

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Local parks are an integral part of a community’s well-being, but keeping up with a park’s maintenance can be challenging. Fortunately, there are simple and affordable community playground improvements you can make to get more visitors to your park. Keep reading to find ways you can take your neighborhood’s playground to the next level.

Seven cost-effective park improvements

There are plenty of fun, cost-effective improvements any park can make — all it takes is a little effort and organization. Check out these affordable community park ideas:

1. Go Digital

Improve your local play area and generate more park visitors by creating a website dedicated to describing the park, posting photos and event announcements, and even coordinating a calendar for volunteer cleanup sessions. Community members will feel more invested in their local park if they can connect with it online.

Creating a social media account for your park is another free and effective way to connect with community members and keep them updated on the latest park happenings. Because the internet reaches such a wide audience, a vibrant social media account can also attract new visitors to your park. Make the most of your digital resources and foster stronger community bonds by setting up an engaging social media page for your park.

2. Make Friends

Organize a “friends” volunteer group of passionate community members willing to take care of the local park. Many recreational sites across the country have friends’ groups to help maintain their grounds while saving the community money. Establishing a grassroots volunteer group can help with park upkeep and deepen the community’s connection to their park by giving members a sense of ownership.

3. Spark Creative Play

It’s easy to encourage creative play in your park — all it takes is a little imagination. Make your park’s playground conducive to imaginative play by building a small stage for children to play pretend and perform on. Another way to get kids’ creative juices flowing is to put an outdoor chalkboard in your play space for giant tic-tac-toe games or doodling.

4. Light It Up

Your local park’s lighting provides an opportunity for a quick and affordable upgrade. Swap out your park’s outdated lights in favor of a more modern LED lamp. Despite the initial installation costs, switching to LED lighting can save your community money in the long term by reducing maintenance and energy bills.

5. Get Artsy

A little paint can go a long way. From repainting the lines on a basketball court to adding a new hopscotch board on the playground’s surface, paint is an inexpensive way to spruce up a park.

6. Streamline Signage

A fun welcome sign is key to good play areas because it’s the first impression the park will have on its visitors. If your local playgrounds are in need of some new signage, have a community night to brainstorm ideas and come up with a specific brand for your park system.

7. Update Playground Equipment

Nothing discourages park visitors quicker than dirty, run-down or faulty playground equipment. Playground budgeting may not always include the funding for a total playground makeover, but minor updates or fixes can be just as effective. Repairing outdated playground pieces or adding new standalone play products like a rope climber, activity panels or playhouse can help attract a greater number of guests.

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