On a Journey to Spread Good Vibes and the Healing Power of Nature — Episode 129

By Cort Jones | Posted on February 14, 2023

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I am so excited for today’s episode because I’m talking with someone I have been eager to connect with since NRPA’s partnership with Merrell began. If you visit today’s guest’s website, the words “Nothing But Good Vibes” might be the first thing you notice. And, if you’re following him on social media, you are sure to pick up on some of those good vibes, as well.

Will “Akuna” Robinson is one of Merrell’s ambassadors, and his outdoor recreation journey began in 2016 when he attempted to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail to help with PTSD from his previous military service.

Akuna says that he fell hard for hiking, nature and the community that surrounds the trails. His journey has evolved into sharing the healing power of nature with veterans, people of color, and everyone who does not fit the stereotype of being “outdoorsy.”

Tune in to our full conversation below to learn more about Akuna’s journey to healing and community-building through hiking. We also discuss some of the findings from Merrell’s Inclusivity in the Outdoors Report and how they relate to his own experience of spending time outside. You’ll also learn:

  • How Akuna’s journey of sharing the healing power of nature began
  • The message he tries to leave behind wherever he goes
  • Perceptions of inclusion and safety in the outdoors within the Black community
  • How we can continue to break down barriers so that everyone can experience the power of outside
  • How Akuna hopes to inspire other Black people who are considering outdoor recreation
  • Akuna’s favorite ways to get outside, and so much more!

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