NC2NV: Arizona State University

By National Recreation and Park Association | Posted on August 27, 2015

8.27.15_NC2NV_RoadMapAs we celebrate the momentous occasion of the 50th Anniversary of NRPA and the upcoming Annual Conference this September, the Young Professional Network has organized a virtual “road trip” out West, making “stops” at COAPRT accredited schools along the way.


We’ve made stops at Ole Miss, University of Missouri and Texas State. We conclude the “road trip” with our final stop at Arizona State University’s College of Public Service and Community Solutions! 




Arizona State University’s College of Public Service and Community Solutions offers an array of undergraduate and graduate degrees focusing on the many aspects of community resources such as Parks and Recreation Management, Therapeutic Recreation, Nonprofit Leadership and Management, Tourism Development, Community Sports Management, Public Service and Public Policy, and Community Resources Development. 

The Parks and Recreation Student Association (PRSA) introduces students to networking opportunities through service oriented recreational visits, as well as social events with the Arizona Parks and Recreation Association (APRA). Our unique relationship with the APRA gives students the ability to work closely with dedicated professionals while earning internships with excellent organizations throughout the state. 



Above, the completed trail work of PRSA at Camp Tontozona. (Henry White, 2014)


Our degree programs encourage students to complete 200 Community Field Exploration hours. Many of which students complete on the service trips we take throughout the year working for organizations and state parks like Camp Tontozona, Camp Colley, Kartchner Caverns, Lost Dutchman and so on. The relationships we’ve built have already allotted students multiple internships and careers across the state.



A small Amphitheater and stage built by the PRSA at Camp Tontozona, so the ropes course leader can explain the log walk. (Henry White, 2014). Camp Tontozona, also known as Tonto Creek Camp, is a nonprofit that transforms its resources into outdoor education programs for youth.



PRSA Camp Tontozona Volunteer Group. (Henry White, 2014) 


This was the first PRSA trip for me, the community engagement, civic leadership, love for the outdoors, and the opportunity to work with genuine people made me realize what I loved most about working with and in my community. Though I’m behind the camera, I’m smiling bigger than everyone else, probably because I’m in the shade, but that’s beside the point.” – Henry White



Trail work at Phon D. Sutton Recreational site, lower Salt River. (Jessica Voss, 2013)


The majority of our current enrollment numbers for fall semester:

Community Sports Management: 44

Nonprofit Leadership and Management: 142

Parks and Recreation Management: 50

Therapeutic Recreation: 30

Tourism Development Management: 148

Tourism Development Management Sustainable: 16


Student Testimonies:

I've been involved in PRSA since the first week of school my freshman year. It has always been a small organization with a big heart and a big appetite for fun. This club has given me the opportunity to do many exciting things that I could have never done on my own.The countless camping trips and community service projects have helped me make connections across the state. I absolutely love PRSA.” - Allissa Meis, PRSA Treasurer, and second year association member

The connections I’ve made and the people I’ve worked with have been incredible. I’m a non-traditional student looking forward to developing new ventures within the action cycling community and can’t imagine it without the help and guidance of the connections I’ve made through the APRA and Arizona State University.The PRSA has been a great asset to my professional and personal growth.” - Henry White, PRSA First Officer 2015-16

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