Hot Topics: Pokémon Go is Back in the News, Recreation Fees and Cool Streets — Episode 002

By Roxanne Sutton | Posted on August 7, 2017

blog podcast 002 pokemon go

Today’s episode covers three trending topics that have been in the news lately.

First, Pokémon Go — a throwback hot topic from last year — but new developments on a lawsuit involving Milwaukee County and Candy Lab games has brought augmented reality games and parks back into the limelight. The maker of the game Texas Rope ‘Em says it’s a first amendment issue, but is it?

Second, a new study from Utah State University finds that even minimal park and recreation fees can dissuade users from using certain public lands. Fees can be a necessity in today’s budgetary climate, but do they pose a social equity issue?

Last, we look at Los Angeles and how they are reducing the heat island effect through “cool pavement” which has many benefits including lowering public road temperatures, cooling the insides of nearby buildings, lessening air pollution and reducing the threats of deaths linked to heat waves.

Photo: SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA - JULY 12, 2016: The hit augmented reality smartphone app Pokémon GO shows a Pokémon encounter overlain on the real world trail in the woods.


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