5 Ways You Can Get Involved This Earth Week

By Morgan Rothermel | Posted on April 20, 2015

Tags: Conservation

Earth Week, a time to take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this planet and make some changes so generations years from now can enjoy the same scenery we have today. Parks play a huge role, not only during Earth Week, but every week to protect natural resources and encourage conservation practices so that we have the opportunity to enjoy and learn about the environment.

And while these conservation practices happen all year long, Earth Week can inspire us to get even more involved. But how? We have 5 ways!


Blog-Earth-Week-Get-Involved-11. Nominate and vote for your favorite park for Parks Build Community

There’s no better way to celebrate Earth Week than giving back to the places we frequent  to enjoy the outdoors. Through our partnership with The Walt Disney Company we’re giving $20,000 grants to 16 communities across the U.S. in celebration of Earth Month. You can get involved by nominating a favorite park, voting every day for your favorite projects and encouraging others to do so as well! 

2. Enjoy the open space your local park provides

Use that open space to get your exploration on! Earth Week provides a great opportunity to learn and appreciate what Mother Nature has given us. By putting together a nature scavenger hunt you can get to know your park and the wildlife and plants that call it home – all while enjoying that open space your park agency was able to conserve. 

3. Participate in a volunteer clean-up at your local park

Littering is a huge problem and has consequences that not only affect the Earth and its plants and wildlife but you personally as well. So what can you do? Check in with your local parks and recreation and ask if you can volunteer for a clean-up day! You’ll get to enjoy the outdoors and be participating in a great cause!

4. Plant native trees

Lucky for us, Arbor Day fell into Earth Week this year. So on Friday, April 24 grab some shovels and a native tree or two and start digging! Planting native trees provides numerous benefits for not only this planet of ours, but for you and your community as well. 

 5. Zero waste picnic at the park 

With the hustle and bustle everyday life brings us, Earth Week provides the perfect opportunity to slow down and enjoy the simple things. So gather your family and friends, pack your picnic basket and get to your local park. The key to making this picnic Earth friendly, make it have zero waste! 

See, by just doing small things you have the ability to make big changes in helping keep the planet we call home beautiful. And remember, you don’t have to wait around for Earth Week to make a difference, you can make a difference all year long! So what are you waiting for?


What other ways do you get involved in conservation in your community that you would add to this list? Have you tried any of the activities we mention? Share in the comments below.


Morgan Rothermel is NRPA's Marketing and Communications Specialist.