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Journal of Leisure Research (JLR) Volume 46

Number 5


Not Yet a Woman, Not Yet a Mom: The Leisure Experiences of Pregnant Adolescents
    Brianna S. Clark, Denise M. Anderson

The Relationship between Parental Attitudes toward Nature and the Amount of Time Children Spend in Outdoor Recreation
    Amy L. McFarland, Jayne M. Zajicek, Tina M. Waliczek

Physical Activity Levels and Preferences of Ethnically Diverse Visitors to Georgia State Parks
    Lincoln Larson, Jason W. Whiting, Gary T. Green, J. M. Bowker

Development of a Whole Agency Approach to Market Segmentation in Parks
    Dino Zanon, John Hall, Leonie Lockstone-Binney, Delene Weber

A Critical Examination of Couple Leisure and the Application of the Core and Balance Model
    Peter J. Ward, Keith W. Barney, Neil R. Lundberg, Ramon B. Zabriskie

Minority Youth Participation in an Organized Sport Program: Needs, Motivations, and Facilitators
    Monika Stodolska, Iryna Sharaievska, Scott Tainsky, Allison Ryan

Youth Time Outside: A Comparison of Time Use Methodologies
    Michael B. Edwards, Mat D. Duerden, Robin D. Lizzo, Katherine S. Campbell,     Lauren M. Kamper

The Effects of Entertainment and Fun on the Visitor's Free-Choice Learning Experience
    Christine M. Van Winkle

Number 4


Leisure Helps Get the Job Done: Intersections of Hegemonic Masculinity and Stress among College-Aged Males
    Joel Blanco, Jeremy Robinett

The "Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner” No More: Marathons and Social Worlds
    Richard Robinson, Ian Patterson, Megan Axelsen

Facilitating Physically Active Leisure for Children Who Are Overweight: Mothers’ Experiences
    Charlene S. Shannon

In Pursuit of Understanding What Drives Fan Satisfaction
    Marko Sarstedt, Christian M. Ringle, Sascha Raithel, Siegfried P. Gudergan

Organized Leisure Experiences of LGBTQ Youth: Resistance and Oppression
    Daniel Theriault

Using the Dynamic Model of Affect (DMA) to Examine Leisure Tine as a Stress-Coping Resource: Taking into Account Stress Severity and Gender Difference
    Xinyi Lisa Qian, Careen M. Yarnal, David M. Almeida

Relatedness for Youth With Disabilities: Testing a Recreation Program Model
    Melissa H. D’Eloia, Jim Sibthrop

Book Review

Theory into Practice: Unlocking the Power and Potential of Reflective Journals
    Timothy S. O’Connell, Janet E. Dyment, Todd Miner

Number 3


The Unsettling Nature of Prejudice: An Introduction to the Special Issue
    Dorothy L. Schmalz, Rasul A. Mowatt

Ontologies of Socioenvironmental Justice: Homelessness and the Production of Social Natures
    Jeff Rose

Just Spaces: Urban Recreation Centers as Sites for Social Justice Youth Development
    Brandy N. Kelly Pryor, Corliss W. Outley

Justice and Immigrant Latino Recreation Geography in Cache Valley, Utah
    Jodie Madsen, Claudia Radel, Joanna Endter-Wada

Agrileisure: Farmers’ Markets, CSAs, and the Privilege in Eating Local
    James R. Farmer, Charles Chancellor, Jennifer M. Robinson, Stephanie West, Melissa Weddell

Considering Students’ Experiences in Diverse Groups: Case Studies from the National Outdoor Leadership School
    Karen Paisley,Jeremy Jostad, Jim Sibthorp, Mandy Pohja, John Gookin, Aparna Rajagopal-Durbinhool

Dancing in the Margins: Reflections on Social Justice and Researcher Identities
    Dawn E. Trussell

The Conspicuous Nature of Power: Conclusion to the Special Issue
    Rasul A. Mowatt, Dorothy L. Schmalz

Number 2

Regular Paper

Let Me Play, Not Exercise! A Laddering Study of Older Women’s Motivations for Continues Engagement in Sports-Based Versus Exercise-Based Leisure Time Physical Activity
    Kathryn L. Berlin, David B. Klenosky

Declining National Park Visitation: An Economic Analysis
    Thomas H. Stevens, Thomas A. More, Marla Markowski-Lindsay

Increasing and Generalizing Self-Efficacy: The Effects of Adventure Recreation on the Academic Efficacy of Early Adolescents
    Mark A. Widmer, Mat D. Duerden, Stacy T. Taniguchi

Umpiring: A Serious Leisure Choice
     Pamm Phillips, Sheranne Fairley

Psychological Restoration through Indoor and Outdoor Leisure Activities
    Pei-Yi Weng, Yen-Cheng Chiang

Research Notes

The Intersection of Cell Phone Use and Leisure: A Call for Research
    Andrew Lepp

A Systematic Review of Non-Western and Cross-Cultural/National Leisure Research
    Eiji Ito, Gordon J. Walker, Haidong Liang

Tribute to Karla A. Henderson
    Daniel L. Dustin, M. Deborah Bialeschki

Number 1

Introduction to Papers from the Leisure Research Symposium

Leisure Research and the Legacy of George Daniel Butler
    Jim Sibthorp, Jason Bocarro

Leisure Research Symposium Paper

Forging Common Ground: Fostering the Conditions for Evidence Use
    Vivian Tseng

Ideal Affect, Actual Affect, and Affect Discrepancy During Leisure and Paid Work
    Bradley Mannell, Gordon J. Walker, Eiji Ito

Fifty Shades of Complexity: Exploring Technologically Mediated Leisure and Women's Sexuality
    Diana C. Parry, Tracy Penny Light

Regular Paper

Playfulness in Adulthood as a Personality Trait: A Reconceptualization and a New Measurement
    Xiangyou Sharon Shen, Garry Chick, Harry Zinn

Paper/Pencil Versus Online Data Collection: An Exploratory Study
    Peter Ward, Taralyn Clark, Ramon Zabriskie, Trevor Morris

Does Leisure Time Moderate or Mediate the Effect of Daily Stress on Positive Affect?: An Examination Using Eight-Day Diary Data
    Xinyi Lisa Qian, Careen M. Yarnal, David M. Almeida



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