Does your local park and recreation agency have the financial and staffing support necessary to deliver high-quality amenities and services to every member of your community in the future?  Are you concerned that funding cuts today may harm your agency’s ability to serve the public tomorrow?

NRPA Park Check: Parks & Recreation Quality Risk Assessment Tool is the online resource to evaluate the potential threat a park and recreation agency is facing in its ability to continue delivering high-quality park and recreation amenities and services to all members of their community in the future.

Five Principles guide NRPA Park Check:

  • Consistent growth in the agency’s operations funding 
  • Consistent growth in the agency’s full-time staffing 
  • All residents can access a park within a 10-minute walk
  • Dedicated funding sources that support the agency’s operations budget
  • Meeting the standards set by NRPA’s Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA)

NRPA Park Check uses your response to eight questions to determine your agency’s risk profile as either “low,” “moderate,” or “high.” After answering the questions, you will receive a custom report to help inform your agency director, political leaders, and park advocates about how your agency rates against the five principles and how to make improvements.

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