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December 26, 2019, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

2020 January NRPA Update Connect Hot Topics Mobile Rec 410

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Mobile Rec Units — Our department is looking at the idea of a mobile rec unit. There were a few examples on the expo floor at this year’s conference, which has sparked some interest from our director. Does anyone have experience with a mobile rec unit? Is anyone also discussing the idea? Any advice or knowledge is appreciated.

Several NRPA members offered the following suggestions:

  • We have a new NHL team coming to Seattle, and we’re looking for ways to partner with them. One idea was to create a mobile rec unit for floor hockey.
  • The city of Antioch (California) purchased a paratransit bus from the transit agency. We removed brackets [and seats to accommodate] wheelchairs, added racks and shelves, wrapped the bus with our new brand and turned it into our pop-up recreation program. Staff travel to parks and events! We carry pop-up tents, tables, chairs, games, crafts and more. Our first year was very successful.
  • Our agency had one, years ago, and now the city of Las Vegas has brought it back. We had two staff [persons] who would travel to various parks and low-income neighborhoods or under-served parks. We had games, sports equipment and crafts for all. We also did a series of workshops, such as [one to build] kites, and then held a festival at the end of the series for parents and children to show off their work and fly kites.

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