Celebrating YOU this July

January 23, 2020, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

2020 February NRPA Update 2020 Call for Photos 410

July is Park and Recreation Month, and this year we want showcase the diversity of park and recreation professionals! In addition to individuals of various ages, abilities, races, genders and backgrounds, we’d like to see park and recreation professionals from communities big and small across the country in various career paths, taking part in their unique day-to-day activities.

We’re looking for 31 professionals whose stories we can highlight each day throughout the month of July on NRPA’s social media pages. We want the world to see what we already know: that park and recreation professionals are our unsung heroes, making our communities great places to live, work and play.

Do you have a colleague who you think deserves a day of national attention? Submit a photo of them, along with a short story about how they’ve impacted you or your community. We’re not worried about self-promotion, either, so feel free to nominate yourself, as well!

Please note: If there's a volunteer in your community who has made an impact and worked in a similar capacity as someone employed at your agency, you can nominate them, too.

The 31 people selected will also be featured on the cover of the July issue of Parks & Recreation magazine and get the chance to have their story featured in the issue.

The 31 people will be chosen by a review panel looking to showcase people from all sizes of agencies, geographic areas, cultural backgrounds and job functions.

For more information, visit the NRPA Park and Recreation Month webpage.