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November 26, 2019, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

2019 December NRPA Update Connect Hot Topics 410

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Trouble Finding Entry-Level Jobs

As a college senior who is currently looking for future positions after graduation, I am struggling to find entry-level positions. Does anyone have any advice or information they would like to share? I would really appreciate any feedback.

Several NRPA members offered the following suggestions:

"When I started my career, I found that I had to be willing to move, and more than once, to grow my experience. I’m from Massachusetts but ended up in the Midwest, where I found the park and rec opportunities strong and funded."

"Within our department, many new-hires come from our part-time staff, who have worked hard and proven themselves. The baby boomer generation (I’m one of them) has begun, and will continue, to retire — opening positions for mid-level and entry-level positions. Working part-time may be one option."

"Look at entry-level careers in adjacent or related fields. I started my recreation career as a programmer for Special Olympics. It was an extremely rewarding experience. Nonprofits, school districts, colleges, golf courses, resorts and so on all offer entry-level positions that will help you build and diversify your résumé."

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