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November 2, 2018, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

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NRPA Connect is the place to network with your fellow park and recreation professionals! Need a little inspiration? Visit NRPA Connect and see what the latest hot topics are in your profession. It’s easy to join a variety of discussions:

  1. Use of CYA in a Commercial Pool – An NRPA member is struggling with high TDS in his pools and wants to know about using CYA in a commercial pool setting. One pool maintenance contractor suggests using a low level of CYA, which they say will lower the use of all other pool chemicals. Calling all AFOs for your feedback!

  2. Park Manager Job Description – A good job description can be the key to finding a qualified individual. So, what constitutes an effective job description for a park manager? Visit this conversation for shared examples of park manager job descriptions from around the country.

  3. Accurate Timekeeping by Site Staff – A fellow professional, who’s thinking about upgrading to a time clock system that also syncs with payment systems, wants to know what timekeeping process your agency uses for staff who work at sites and those who don’t sit at a computer all day? If you use a system for clocking in and clocking out, what system are you using? Chime in today!

  4. Marking Memorial Trees – How do fellow agencies mark memorial trees or other important trees in your community? Some members have tried bronze that then were dug up to be sold, plastic tags were broken off and some of the in-ground options cause problems with mowers. What are some of the creative ways you have used that have worked?

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