Navigating the Leadership Learning Track

May 8, 2018, Department, by Tom Crosley

2018 May NRPA Update NavigatingLeadershipLearning 410

The Leadership & Management learning track at the 2018 NRPA Annual Conference is programmed to provide leaders with practical and applicable methods for transforming themselves and their agency. The more than 30 education session devoted to this topic, cover the latest in leadership principles that will take you and your agency to the next level. Whether you come from a large or small agency, the session line-up will prepare you to handle any decision that comes your way.

Below are some of the leadership sessions that await you at the 2018 NRPA Annual Conference in Indianapolis:

• Being Successful in a Politically Charged Environment – The political process was created for consistency and the inherent resistance to change. Yet, virtually every politician runs on a platform of political change. This session will investigate the change process, political motivation, effective communication techniques and methods used to be a change agent. It focuses on the “what” and “why” of the political process. However, the road to success is based on “who” is involved in the process and the power they bring to the table. Knowing the political process is critical; making change is vital to leadership and success. Speaker: Paul Romero

• Embracing Millennials in the Workplace: Seasonal Employees, Interns and Beyond – Learn and understand how to create a work environment that will attract and retain millennials. This interactive session will encourage you to shift your existing thoughts about this generation and rethink how we have been told to manage them. Participants in this session will build an awareness of suitable experiences that allow millennials to understand the “why” behind their work and provide opportunities that allow them to see their impact within the profession. Attendees will also recognize the importance of reverse mentoring programs that enables millennials to help their supervisors better understand technology, social media and how existing work environments can suit their needs. Speaker: Julie Knapp

• Leading for Change: Reframing Organizations to Maximize Potential – As organizations grow and change, so does the need to reframe or view how we operate from a different lens. Myopic leadership limits potential and often results in faulty thinking that can jeopardize the overall effectiveness and success of your organization. Reframing and continually examining your agency from a variety of perspective help with clarity, enhance creativity, and can result in new ideas and strategies that ultimately make a difference. This session will provide managers and leaders with the tools to maximize their agency’s potential by reframing and leading for change. Speaker: Ron Ramsing

• Predicting Trends for an Unpredictable Future – As agencies continue to focus on NRPA’s three Pillars, this session will help them predict trends and plan for future shifts in an increasingly unpredictable time. Also, it will share insights for how to build an agency culture and mindset that can innovate and thrive in a changing landscape as park and recreation agencies look for changes in their communities, policies, park and facility designs, financial sustainability, marketing and communications, partnerships, program delivery and innovation in general. Speaker: Neelay Bhatt

• Repositioning Public Parks & Recreation: Joining the Smart Revolution – Communities are changing, the economy is unpredictable, and technology and globalization are here to stay. Yet, the way we commonly think about public parks and recreation seems to be frozen in time. Is it possible that the day has come for us to transform our collective approach to the provision of park and recreation services? Are we really leading the productive and purposeful organizations that our communities need given today’s realities? Speakers: Alexandra Gauthier and Jamie Sabbach

View the full session line-up for the 2018 NRPA Annual Conference. On behalf of the Conference Program Committee, our speaker volunteers, NRPA staff and the Indy Local Host Committee, we hope to see you in Indianapolis!

Tom Crosley is NRPA’s Senior Manager of Education, Conferences and Schools