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March 8, 2018, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

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  • Older Adult/Senior Office Names — This isn’t the first time this topic has appeared on NRPA Connect. Our members discuss how the handle naming classes and services for adults 55+. Many do not want to be called “seniors,” so our members have creative suggestions, including Young at Heart, Living Young and Active Adults. Visit this discussion for more ideas!
  • Timers for Automatic Locking of Restrooms — This is a challenge that only someone in the park and recreational field can understand, but trying to find the best locks to use for restrooms after hours can be a struggle. Members share about various products they have used at their facilities and which ones have been a success.
  • Participation Trophies — They have sparked a debate in recent years, and most members have stopped giving out participation trophies, opting instead for T-shirts, lunch bags and water bottles. Does your agency give out participation trophies or do you have another suggestion?
  • Online-Only Brochures — Professionals discuss the benefit of producing an online-only brochure. Other than saving money in the budget, has your agency been successful with not mailing printed brochures?

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