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July 6, 2018, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

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1 - Social Media Best-Practice Questions 

How does a department with multiple divisions handle its social media site(s)? Is having one Facebook/Instagram page the best practice? Do you create separate pages for events? These are some of the social media best-practice questions your colleagues are asking. Chime in about how your agency’s social media.

2 - No Parking Signs

Parking issues are common for park departments. Your colleagues are seeking creative signs or ways to stop patrons from parking outside designated lots. In this discussion see examples of innovative and funny signs from across the country, as well as alternative ideas, such as using parking attendants or large boulders to block spaces.

3 - Splashpad Hours of Operations

It’s the middle of splashpad season and fellow professionals are discussing hours of operation. Do your hours differ on the weekend? Do you keep your hours consistent daily? Share your thoughts today!

4 - Bird Deterrent

Do you have a bird-deterrent method you would recommend? A colleague is looking to build a seating area with a custom trellis with vines and hoping to discourage the pigeons in the area from perching on the trellis. What would you suggest to keep the local birds at bay, while patrons enjoy this outdoor space?

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