NRPA Connect Hot Topics

September 4, 2018, Department, by National Recreation and Park Association

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NRPA Connect is the only networking platform that provides you with direct access to professionals in your field. You now can ask 60,000+ of your colleagues questions about your field and professional advice! Below are some of the hottest topics this month:

1 - Car Wraps

One of the hottest discussions on Connect has been decals on department vehicles for marketing purposes. Members have been sharing their dos and don’ts, as well as photos of their vehicles. Check out examples from all over the country and get inspired with how you can market your agency using your vehicles!

2 - Swim Lessons

Your colleagues are requesting information about how other agencies handle swim lesson classes that are canceled because of inclement weather or an unexpected facility closure issue. Do you already build in make-up classes in your schedule? Chime in!

3 - “Playing Up” in Age Brackets for Recreational Sports Leagues

Park and recreation professionals seem to always come across this dilemma, while managing youth sports leagues. What policies do you have in place regarding participants requesting to “play up” in your recreational sports leagues? Do you allow it at all?

4 - Recycling in Parks

An NRPA member is looking for other professionals to share information on successful recycling programs in their parks. As mentioned in the discussion, contamination can often be an issue when recycling, and they are looking to try a different method. Visit the discussion to read successes, failures and different operating procedures that you may be able to implement in your department.

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