Networking and Leadership Opportunities You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

June 1, 2016, Department, by Hayley Herzing

Membership in NRPA provides you with many opportunities for professional as well as personal growth.Joining NRPA allows you the opportunity to network with more than 51,000 park and recreation professionals across the country. According to our 2015 Member Experience Survey conducted by ORI, networking is among the top-valued benefits of NRPA. Why is networking with your fellow professionals so important? It enables you to share ideas and information with people in your field who can offer new insights and perspectives. Growing your professional network can open new doors for career advancement, personal growth and broader access to valuable information about the field. 

As an NRPA member, you are provided with many opportunities to gain leadership experience and network with your peers:

NRPA Annual Conference: This is your chance to attend the largest gathering of park and recreational professionals, meet new people and catch up with old friends. Take the opportunity to network with field experts, speakers and exhibitors. 

NRPA Connect: The only online networking platform for professionals in your field. Engage online with your peers from different agencies across the country. You can share ideas and resources, ask questions and get inspired. 

Volunteering: NRPA offers many volunteer opportunities to suit your interests, level of effort and availability. Become the leader of a committee, join a task force or give a smaller amount of your time by taking a survey or providing a testimonial. 

Join a Network: Networks are communities on NRPA Connect comprised of like-minded members discussing various interests, topics, issues and trends. Become a Network Leader and be an advocate for your profession. This opportunity positions you to engage your Network to contribute documents to the Knowledge Center, generate article topics for NRPA’s Parks & Recreation magazine, identify topics for webinars and online learning, and much more. 

NRPA membership helps you take full advantage of all the networking benefits listed above. If you have questions or would like to become involved in the opportunities mentioned, contact Hayley Herzing.

Not an NRPA member? Join and start engaging with thousands of park and recreational professionals today. 

Hayley Herzing, NRPA’s Membership Programs Manager