NRPA Connect Hot Topics

September 1, 2015, Department, by Hayley MacDonell

If you had the opportunity to ask 50,000 of your colleagues for advice or help with answering a question, would you take it? NRPA Connect is the only networking platform that provides you with direct access to professionals in your field. Check out the below preview of the hot topics that are being discussed:

Social Media Advertising — Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are popular places to run advertising campaigns. Professionals weigh in on their experience with these sites, as well as the process of paying for the advertisements.  

Cloudy Pool Water — Pool season may be coming to an end, but cloudy pool water is a hot topic and common problem among park and rec professionals. Log in to learn more about what causes this issue and what solutions are available to help.  

Bee Hives in Public Parks and Gardens — Contemplating permitting bee hives in your park or garden space? Your colleagues share the pros and cons of their experiences. They also offer suggestions for forging agreements with the beekeepers. 

Swim Suit Requirements — How does your aquatic facility enforce swim suit rules? Your colleagues discuss clothing that is prohibited, including basketball shorts, sports bras and denim of any kind. If you’re struggling with this issue as well, you will learn tips on how to enforce this rule, while kindly educating the public on your pool attire requirements. 

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Hayley MacDonell is NRPA's Membership Programs Manager.