NRPA Connect Hot Topics

November 1, 2015, Department, by NRPA

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Pen Pals 

Your colleagues are starting pen pal programs. In the age of electronics and technology, programs like this teach children how to address an actual letter and promote literacy. If you are interested in starting a similar program, visit Connect and join in the discussion!  

Smoking Bans in Parks

Does you agency prohibit smoking in your parks? What about a smoking ban on golf courses or trails? Read the discussion to see how your colleagues are addressing this issue, even if their state ordinance does not match their tobacco-free policy. 

Mother’s Day Events

As a park and recreation professional, you know it’s never too early to start planning an event. Your colleagues post their great ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day, including a mother/daughter tea party, flower hike, coloring contest and more. 

Teen Centers 

Looking for inspiration to improve programming and marketing efforts at your teen/youth center? There are two key audiences that need to be approached — the teens themselves and their parents. Read this conversation to learn how to make your teen center more successful. 


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