NRPA Connect Hot Topics

May 1, 2015, Department, by Hayley MacDonell

NRPA Connect is the premier networking platform for park and recreation professionals. Here’s a preview of what your colleagues are discussing this month:

1) Lifeguard Pay: With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start hiring for those seasonal summer job openings. What’s the appropriate hourly wage for a lifeguard? Your colleagues from all around the country share their current pay rates for lifeguards at their facilities. 

2) Sustainability Plans: Is your agency thinking about creating or updating a sustainability plan? Professionals share their plans, policies and ideas. Visit this thread to get inspired! 

3) Free Employee Fitness Plans: Do you offer free or discounted memberships to your fitness facilities to employees? Should you extend this benefit to your part-time or seasonal employees? Read this discussion to learn the best practices on offering a similar benefit.  

4) Trail Etiquette Campaign: Whether it’s littering, picking up dog waste or trail sharing between pedestrians and bicycles, there can be a variety of issues regarding trail etiquette. Participants discuss techniques and promotions to change negative trail-user behavior. 

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Hayley MacDonell is NRPA’s Membership Programs Manager.