Waterfront Access

July 1, 2015, Department, by Sonia Myrick

We plumbed the depths of PRORAGIS to pull these stats on waterfront access and usage among reporting NRPA member agencies.It’s summer but, in many places across the country, the heat waves that accompany the season started well before it officially began. Parks and recreation centers, especially those with waterfronts and water features, are sure to experience a higher level of use as people look for fun ways to cool off. By mining the data you provided in PRORAGIS, the preeminent database for parks and recreation agency operational information, we can offer you the following snapshot of agencies with waterfront access:

53: Percentage of agencies that report having lake/river access.

14: Percentage of agencies that report having ocean/beach access.

7: Percentage of agencies that offer water skiing.

18: Percentage of agencies that report having a marina/livery.

29: Average percentage of the agencies that charge a fee for use of the facility.


Of the agencies that reported having a marina/livery:

  • 5 have boat ramps
  • 19 offer boat/canoe rentals
  • 285 offer slip rentals
  • 1 has a fuel station


Source: PRORAGIS, the national recreation and parks database. Note: We recently rolled out PRORAGIS 2.0 and encourage you to click here to check out all the new features it provides.