NRPA Connect Hot Topics

July 1, 2015, Department, by Hayley MacDonell

NRPA Connect allows you to network and share resources, ideas and inspirations with your peers in the park and recreation field. Haven’t checked out Connect yet? Here’s a preview of what you’re missing:

Park Ambassador program: Your colleagues discuss ideas to start a program that will help staff engage with participants and park visitors. Want to start your own park ambassador program? Descriptions and handbooks are shared in this discussion to help get things underway! 

Rules for e-cigarettes: Does your no-smoking ordinance include the use of electronic cigarettes? As e-cigarettes become more popular, there may be a need to update your no-smoking policy. Participants discuss their current policies and plans to amend them to include this new trend. 

Lifeguards on deck during swimming lessons: Does your aquatic facility have lifeguards on deck during swimming lessons? Read this discussion to learn how other professionals address this question and share their best safety practices. 

Remote-control planes: Requests for permission to use remote-control devices is growing. Your colleagues address how they are handling the demands, including designated locations to use these devices, age restrictions for operators, special permits and developing hobby clubs. 

It’s easy to stay in touch. Connect is now 100-percent responsive on all devices! Don’t get left behind — click here to join the conversation. 

Hayley MacDonell is NRPA’s Membership Programs Manager.