Annual Parks Build Community Project in Full Swing

April 1, 2015, Department, by Jimmy O’Connor

Joe Kneip Park in North Las Vegas, Nevada, is ready for a facelift, and NRPA and its partners are preparing to provide one that will energize the local community.Robert Baden-Powell, known as the founder of the Scouting movement, is credited with the phrase “Leave this world a little better than you found it.” In a similar vein, NRPA’s annual Parks Build Community initiative recognizes that a quality park makes a community better. Continuing a tradition of leaving its annual conference city a little better, NRPA is helping renovate a deserving park in the city of North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Joe Kneip Park, the site of this year’s Parks Build Community project, is within a short walk of more than 4,000 children and their families. While Joe Kneip’s 2.2 acres include a basketball court, picnic area, playground and open field for playing soccer and catch, this park is in real need of renovation. The park and recreation staff of North Las Vegas helped us find this park; NRPA and a number of dedicated individuals and companies have committed to leaving it better.

If you are headed to this year’s September conference in Las Vegas, you will have the opportunity to judge for yourself if we’ve succeeded in accomplishing this goal. Without a doubt, NRPA is aiming for this year’s project to be a great success thanks to those who have stepped up to generously donate play, leisure and fitness equipment.

The current playground, with its broken and missing pieces, will be ripped out and replaced with a brand-new structure from Playworld Systems. If last year’s project is any indication of what is in store, the kids who live near Joe Kneip Park will be treated to some really fun, and perhaps never seen before, play pieces thanks to Playworld. Kids playing on the new playground will play more safely with resilient surfacing donated by FlexGround and kept cool with shade from Sun Ports.

When not running and climbing on the new play equipment, children will likely be gathered with family and friends in the renovated picnic area thanks to BCI Burke Premier Play Equipment. And when it is time to work off some of those extra treats from the picnic, the outdoor fitness zone donated by Greenfields Outdoor Fitness will provide an inviting opportunity to move and get fit with their easy-to-use and durable equipment. Guiding communities to and through the park will be easy with brand-new signage thanks to iZone Imaging.

Thanks to all of these great donations, Joe Kneip Park certainly will be left better than it was found. NRPA is still looking for additional support. If you have a park product that you would like to provide to a deserving community, please contact me for opportunities.

Jimmy O’Connor is NRPA’s Director of Grants and Partnerships.