NRPA Connect Hot Topics

October 1, 2014, Department, by NRPA

In this new column, we will highlight a few topics being discussed on NRPA Connect. We hope this gives you a quick glimpse at the great conversations happening on the only professional networking platform dedicated to the park and recreation profession. 

1) Dog Park Surfacing — Dog parks are becoming very popular and they are a great addition to any community, but with myriad surfacing options, which is best for you? Your colleagues weigh in with their experiences and share best practices. 

2) Lifeguard Training — How are you training your lifeguards? Do you provide uniforms and other supplies to your guards? See what your colleagues have to share in this discussion all about lifeguards. 

3) Pesticide Use in Parks — Are you using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to managing your parks? Is your community demanding “green” products? Check out this discussion for tips from professionals who have been there before. 

4) Outdoor Concerts — Chairs or No Chairs? — In this conversation, participants debate whether to allow the community to bring their own seating. 

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