Enhancements Coming to NRPA Connect

March 1, 2014, Department, by Eric Hamp

Over the past four years, NRPA Connect has blossomed into a powerful resource for members to share their experiences, ask industry questions and get insight into trends in the field. Thousands of professionals are now utilizing NRPA’s professional networking platform on a monthly basis, and it is time to freshen things up a bit! To this end, we are switching service providers and we will be relaunching NRPA Connect at the end of March.

We are excited to bring you the new NRPA Connect site, which will enhance many of the features you have come to know and rely on. The new platform will not only have a more dynamic user interface, it will also be faster and provide a more streamlined collaborative environment for you to connect with your peers from across the nation. The intuitive structure of the site will allow for easy access to Networks, resource libraries, the member directory and the knowledge center. The new platform will also allow us to remain flexible and adapt to your needs as they change. 

The transition to the new platform will be seamless for you, but you will notice a few new features. For example, who wants another profile to update? No one. The new system will allow you to easily update your profile by pulling the information you’ve already entered on your LinkedIn account. Of course, we have already included your basic information on your profile to get you started. This is also a great way to see which of your existing LinkedIn connections are NRPA members and connect with them here as well.  

Start taking advantage of this incredible connection to thousands of your colleagues who face the same opportunities, successes and challenges as you do. Toward the end of this month, please go online to get started! 

Eric Hamp is NRPA’s Senior Manager of Member Relations.