It’s Award Season — Roll Out the Red Carpet

January 1, 2014, Department, by Brenda Beales

Get your applications and nominations in now for the National and Gold Medal Awards as well as the Hall of Fame.NRPA will honor recipients of three prestigious award programs during the 2014 Congress and Exposition in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The NRPA National Awards are presented to individuals and agencies to honor their efforts in the field of parks and recreation. NRPA values the importance of recognizing individuals and agencies that work hard to advance parks, recreation and environmental conservation efforts that advance the quality of life for all people. National Award recipients are chosen for excellence in a variety of topics, including professional and voluntary service, programming, leadership, research and public outreach. The awards program highlights the efforts of those who go above and beyond to make a difference in the community.

The National Awards include 10 prestigious categories designed to be inclusive and significant to parks and recreation. Click here for information and applications for the 10 awards. The deadline for entry is March 24.

The Gold Medal Award for Excellence in Parks and Recreation Management is presented by the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration (AAPRA) in partnership with NRPA. The award recognizes the collective energies of citizens, staff and elected officials who outshine others in the field with their ability to address the needs of those they serve. Winning a Gold Medal Award allows you to leverage the value of your community to important stakeholders and government officials.

NEW in 2014: The population classes have been revised to better reflect the changing environment of our agencies. There are five population categories and one for armed forces recreation. The application process includes an online application, revised questions, program brochures and master plans submitted online and no video production for finalists. Information and applications are available here. Applications must be submitted by March 24.

The Robert W. Crawford Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made outstanding and lasting contributions to the advancement of recreation and parks. The Hall of Fame is a joint project of NRPA and AAPRA.

This posthumous award has had 36 individuals inducted into its prestigious collection of leaders and pioneers in the field of parks and recreation. Information and the application are available here. The deadline for entry is March 24.

Hurry, the deadline for all awards is sooner than you think! For additional information regarding the award programs, please contact

Brenda Beales is NRPA's Member Services Specialist.