Golf Gab

January 1, 2014, Department, by NRPA

We searched through hazards and bunkers to come up with this list of nifty golf facts.15,522: Approximate number of all golf facilities (public and private) in the United States.

11,691: Number of public golf facilities in  the U.S.

3,831: Number of municipal public golf facilities in the U.S.

33,000: Approximate number of 18-hole rounds of golf played in 2012.

49: Percentage of golfers playing eight or more rounds per year who consider themselves “highly committed” to the game.

2: Number of sports played by astronauts on the surface of the moon. Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell played golf and javelin, respectively, during the Apollo 14 mission.

4: Average number of miles a golfer would cover if he or she traversed the course by foot.

$828,988: Median gross golf fee revenues generated at municipal golf courses during 2013.

250–450: Number of dimples found on an average golf ball.

4.25: Width in inches of a golf hole.

1744: Year the first recorded rules of golf were established by the Edinburgh Golf Club in Scotland.



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