NRPA Connect Hot Topics

December 1, 2014, Department, by Hayley MacDonell

Even though the year is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean the conversations are stopping on NRPA Connect! Below is a preview of some of the topics being discussed on the only professional networking platform dedicated to the park and recreation profession:

1) Turf Damage from Lacrosse: Does playing lacrosse cause more damage on turf than soccer or football? Read what your colleagues suggest for the best turf management practices to promote healthy turf on athletic fields.

2) Aquatic Inflatable Toys: Thinking about purchasing inflatable toys for your pool? There are many factors to consider before making this purchase, including insurance coverage, lifeguard positioning and health codes. See what participants think are the risks and rewards. 

3) Shared Use Off-Leash vs. Fenced Dog Parks: Visit this discussion to learn what your colleagues believe are the pros and cons of shared use off-leash dog parks and fenced dog parks.

4) EpiPen Policy: What policies are recommended for the use of EpiPens and other epinephrine autoinjectors? How do these policies differ from other medication regulations? Check out this discussion to read how professionals weigh in. 

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Hayley MacDonell is NRPA’s Membership Programs Manager.