#ParkRecLuv is Out of Control

September 1, 2013, Department, by Roxanne Sutton

Thank you for participating in this year's Park and Recreation Month!1,190: Number of times #ParkRecLuv was used on Twitter alone. The hashtag was also used several hundred times on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

1,000+: Number of new NRPA Facebook followers thanks to member engagement.

2,327: Number of votes on the pictures you submitted to the Show UR Love for Parks and Recreation Weekly Photo Contest on Facebook.

99: Number of photos entered in the Show UR Love for Parks and Recreation Weekly Photo Contest.

253: Number of news articles written about Park and Recreation Month.

44: Number of bloggers who visited their favorite local park and wrote about their experience for Park and Recreation Month.

332: Number of bloggers who expressed interest in posting about Park and Recreation Month.

850,000: Number of Internet impressions from blog posts on Park and Recreation Month.

1.2 million: Number of people reached through bloggers via Twitter and Facebook.

148: Number of agencies that listed their Park and Recreation Month events on NRPA’s website.

$15,000: Amount donated to support local parks through Caribou Coffee’s Park and Recreation Month Caribou Cooler promo.

Immeasurable: The amount of #ParkRecLuv shown by everyone and the creativity of our members.

Thanks for making 2013’s Park and Recreation Month such a success!