The 10 Million Kids Outdoors Initiative: 3 Million Kids and Counting

November 1, 2013, Department, by Richard J. Dolesh

10 Million Kids OutdoorsAt the 2012 Congress in Anaheim, California, NRPA and the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) launched an ambitious initiative to connect 10 million kids to nature and the outdoors in three years. NRPA member agencies enthusiastically responded to this challenge, and the results have been dramatic. During the past year, more than 600 public park and recreation agencies have signed on in support of the 10 Million Kids initiative, tallying the participation of more than 3 million kids nationwide in activities and programs connecting them to nature and the outdoors.

NRPA and NWF send a monthly newsletter for all participating agencies and have collaborated to provide a webpage with resources, links and topical webinars, such as the recent webinar on kids using technology to connect with nature. 

If your agency has already signed on, NRPA commends you and asks that you continue to tally your numbers. Also, let us know of new ideas to share with other agencies for program ideas and practices. For agencies that haven’t signed up yet, please consider joining us in support of this critical initiative that will help restore and sustain kids’ connection to nature, the outdoors and parks.