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March 1, 2013, Department, by NRPA

Share your opinions on NRPA Connect"What is your largest dollar capital project to be completed by next year and the dollar value?”

We will be completing construction of a new 62-acre park, total construction estimated at $7.6 million.
Stacey Dicke, CPRP
New Braunfels Parks & Recreation
New Braunfels, Texas

Middleton, Wisconsin, is a small city of 17,500 that neighbors the state capital, Madison. The city will spend more than $200,000 this year on a 1.2-mile extension of porous pavement featuring a 60-foot steel arched bridge that links the city’s heavily used Pheasant Branch Creek Trail with a wooded area among a shopping center, hotels, and local businesses. In addition to use by walkers, runners, and cyclists, the new trail will facilitate public health by featuring a parcourse of five ENERGI fitness stations by Playworld Systems that provide an outdoor training opportunity for youth and adults.
Dan Ruggiero
Department of Public Lands, Recreation & Forestry
Middleton, Wisconsin

We are currently completing a new outdoor recreation park with an estimated construction cost of $15 million. The park will include an archery range, tennis complex, BMX track, urban campground with campfire pit, and hiking trails.
Dirk A. Richwine, CPRE
Henderson Parks & Recreation
Henderson, Nevada

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