Save Your Agency Time and Money with Member-Exclusive Discounts

February 1, 2013, Department, by NRPA

NRPA Insurance Programs through AON—Member agencies can receive discounts on many insurance programs for recreational activities. Available options include team sports, instructors, interns, directors, officers, equipment, and blanket accident coverage.

Energy Supplier through APPI—Get help analyzing your current energy supply needs with no upfront costs. APPI assists in negotiating the lowest price and best terms and conditions for your next supplier contract.

Aquatic Programs—Discounts are available on lifeguard training and swimming instruction programs from NRPA partners American Red Cross and Starfish Aquatic Institute (SAI).

Background Screening through LexisNexis—Check out potential staff and volunteers in advance using the National and Statewide Criminal Background Screening Package ($13) and/or National and Current County Criminal Background Screening Package ($13).

Recreation Accessibility Audits through RAC—NRPA members receive five percent off all accessibility audits and services plus an extra one percent off per $100,000 projects (maximum nine percent discount).

Mobile Technology Solutions through Guide By Cell— Receive the latest technology news, trends, and developments, and save on communication with your community with 30 percent off QR codes, text message alerts, mobile audio tours, mobile websites, and mobile donations.

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