October 5 is National Visit a Park Day

September 1, 2012, Department, by NRPA

 Visit a Park on October 5!Take advantage of Visit a Park Day to spark a long-lasting bond between your park and recreation facilities and your community.

The NRPA Young Professional Network, in conjunction with the NRPA, is pleased to announce Visit a Park Day on Friday, October 5.

The public is encouraged to set aside unnecessary obligations on October 5 and take time to visit a local, state, regional, or national park and enjoy the many benefits of these locations. National Visit a Park Day provides the opportunity to take advantage of recreation offerings and education within parks that can spark healthy habits, renew a sense of appreciation for nature and community, and inspire ongoing visitation of parks for lifelong enjoyment.

In past Visit a Park Days, local and state recreation and park programs, nonprofits, and related civic groups have united nationwide to support this initiative. Last year’s Visit a Park Day included events such as interpretive walks through nature parks and along public beaches. In addition, some communities unveiled new signage on Visit a Park Day aiming to foster safety in parks and playgrounds.

“It is important to show individuals all the healthy benefits of visiting local, state, and regional parks right in their own communities,” says Chris Lucas, NRPA Young Professional Network. “From getting physically active to picking up a new skill or learning about nature, park and recreation agencies are there to serve in so many ways. Last year’s Visit a Park Day was a remarkable success, and we hope for nothing less this year!”

Each participating group will choose the park and plan their own visit. NRPA and the Young Professional Network can offer assistance to the groups by helping them connect with parks and professionals. For more information or program ideas related to Visit A Park Day, contact Chris Lucas at Chris.Lucas@hrcaonline.org or Jennifer Upah at upahj@missouri.edu.

Deadline to register is Friday, September 14, 2012. Register your group today at www.surveygizmo.com/s3/978790/National-Visit-a-Park-Day.