Debut of The Young Professional Quarterly Publication

November 1, 2012, Department, by NRPA

NRPA's Young Professionals Network has created a quarterly publication for future leaders in the field of parks and recreation.The Young Professional Network of NRPA is now distributing their first publication, The Young Professional. This quarterly publication is aimed at providing information specifically for young professionals and students in the parks, recreation, and leisure field. Articles may be opinion, research, or simply informational in nature. The Young Professional will be distributed digitally to all young professionals and students in NRPA’s Young Professional Network through NRPA Connect as well as through social media platforms.

The first edition features an appendix with pictures and bios of young professionals who attended Congress this year. The Network hopes this feature will be another step in bridging communication between young professional and student attendees at Congress every year, especially first-time attendees.

The Young Professional, 1 (1) is 34 pages in length for the full version (7 MB) , and 14 pages in length for the mobile version (416 KB). The full version includes a QR code to download the mobile version. The mobile version has been reduced by eliminating the appendix.

For the full version, visit

For the mobile version, visit