APPI Energy Solutions

July 1, 2012, Department, by NRPA

Now is a good time for recreation and park service providers to lock in a fixed-price contract while prices remain historically low. 

  • APPI Energy’s Powerful Solutions program offers reduced energy costs for NRPA members. As part of your NRPA membership benefit, there are NO upfront costs!  APPI Energy can analyze your current energy supply needs and force many suppliers to compete for your business.
  • Representing you, APPI Energy can negotiate the lowest price and best terms and conditions for your next supplier contract.
  • The APPI Energy experts team has a 16-year proven track record of reducing electricity and natural gas costs for parks and recreation centers.

“They compare ‘green apples to green apples’ when evaluating competitive pricing from many suppliers. APPI Energy’s customer service team helped us achieve tax exemption status, further reducing and managing our energy costs,” says Allen Eshleman, Executive Director of Cove Valley Christian Youth Camp.

Contact NRPA’s trusted team of energy experts at 800.520.6685 or