Background Checks You Can Trust, At Prices You Can Afford

August 1, 2012, Department, by NRPA

NRPA now partnering with LexisNexisDid you know, every 43 hours on average, a registered sex offender tries to obtain a volunteer or employment position at a non-profit?* 

That statistic alone is reason enough to screen all of your employees and volunteers through our newly approved background screening vendor of choice, LexisNexis.  You’ll gain immediate peace of mind knowing that your volunteers and employees are being well-vetted using some of the most powerful and advanced background checks available, the same checks used by private businesses.  

You’ll also breathe easier with low-cost nonprofit pricing—often more than 80 percent less than usual rates!  

LexisNexis Advantages: 

·         Exceptional depth and breadth of services 

Access a comprehensive, market-leading selection of criminal background checks, verification, and qualification services, motor vehicle record reports, and much more.    

·         In-depth reports  

Leverage more than 20,000 sources of public and proprietary data for information on 20 percent more people than alternative sources—an additional 75 million individuals.    

·         Flexibility 

Easily configure your account to meet your specific needs, including the ability to choose from pre-set screening packages that ensure the most in-depth data coverage, or individual à la carte searches, based on your needs.  

·         Increased efficiency 

Save time and money by replacing manual tasks with automated search technology and real-time online access. 

·         Proven screening expertise 

Keep your organization secure, efficient, and compliant by using a trusted, leading screening provider with deep industry knowledge, proven experience, and vast resources.  

For more details, contact our dedicated LexisNexis account manager, Erin Swedlow, at 310.374.3507 or email  

*Source: LexisNexis 2012 Nonprofit Screening Review, The Power of Positive Information