Parks Save Lives

We believe parks and recreation is an essential community service that not only enhances our quality of life, but truly saves lives.

Much like a doctor doesn’t save lives by caring for just one body part, the field of parks and recreation saves lives in myriad ways — through mentorship, conservation efforts, health and wellness programming, free nutritional meals and more. Every day, frontline park and recreation professionals save lives by:

We see proof time and time again — through our own eyes at a rec center in Indianapolis where we saw a youth seek help after being stabbed and knew the rec center was a safe place where he could get help. We see it through the eyes of our members who are proactively creating climate resiliency plans and acting as first responders during natural disasters. And we see it through the eyes of those enrolled in health and wellness programs that are allowing them less pain and more mobility.

A donation to NRPA supports these professionals and community advocates that save lives every day in every community. Will you help? 


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