Blogger: NRPA Schools

Type of Opportunity: 

Sign-up Expiration Date: 
Rolling submissions

Interest Area: 

Contact Person: 
Roxanne Sutton, Senior Marketing and Communications Specialist,, 703-858-2166

Description of opportunity: 
If you attended an NRPA School this year, we want to hear about your experience and we want you to share it with others

Level of Workload:
Easy to Moderate

Time Commitment:
1 day—probably more like a couple of hours

Travel Requirement:
No travel required 

Experience Required: 
The only experience required is your experience at one of the schools

Project/Task Deadline:

Number of Positions Needed:

How to apply:
If you are interested in sharing your experience, contact Roxanne Sutton, and mention this opportunity

Available resources for type of opportunity:
We have blog writing guidelines and suggestions. Also, take a look at to get an idea of the types of blogs we typically write and post. Our communications team will also provide editorial guidance

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