Volunteer Information

Thank you for volunteering with us! Your time and support make it possible for NRPA to offer exciting and unique opportunities to all the people who will be joining us this year in Nashville, Tennessee.


Tips and Reminders


Before Your Shift 

Before your first day of volunteering, you will need to enter the convention center via one of NRPA’s Health Screening Checkpoints. Once you have been cleared to enter, please visit the registration area in the convention center (Exhibit Hall A, Level 3) to pick up your registration materials, including your badge and complimentary NRPA conference bag.

Please make it a point to locate each of the NRPA volunteer kiosks. There will be four main kiosks — one located on Level 1, Level 1M, Level 2 and Level 4. There will also be one located near the registration area in Exhibit Hall A located on Level 3. These kiosks are where you must check-in/check-out before and after each of your volunteer assignments (unless another check-in/check-out location is indicated for your position).

You can view the Music City Center floorplan online or download the Music City Center Wayfinding app to help familiarize yourself with the convention center layout.



All NRPA volunteers are required to check-in and check-out for all assignments, both before and after each position. You must do this so that we know all positions are covered. Please arrive at a volunteer kiosk at least 15 minutes before your shift to check-in and check-out at the same kiosk once your shift is complete.

If you do not check-in/check-out, the following policies may apply:

  • A $100 may be charged to the credit card provided for each volunteer assignment missed.
  • If you are a no-show for the entire conference, the credit card provided may be charged $100 for each missed assignment, not to exceed the total amount charged for your registration package type.
  • If you miss any assignments without a valid explanation, you will not be permitted to volunteer at next year’s conference.


Changing/Cancelling Hours 

We are currently in the process of ensuring that all positions are covered. If you need to change any of your hours or need to cancel them altogether, contact MCI directly and as soon as possible at 888.385.8010, or via email at NRPA@mcievents.com. We understand that things come up but ask you to keep in mind that we depend on you, and last-minute changes or cencellations can become challenging.


During You Shift

Please wear your name badge and volunteer t-shirt during your shifts. Volunteer t-shirts, sponsored by PlayCore, will be provided when you check-inThese shirts will be provided to all volunteers based on the size you indicated during the registration process. Volunteers should also wear business casual, comfortable attire and comfortable shoes (tennis shoes/sneakers are acceptable and recommended, especially if your assignment requires significant standing or walking). 

Volunteers are responsible for their own snacks, meals and beverages during their shifts. Please check your schedule and allow yourself time to eat or pack a snack if you are working extended hours, or during lunch breaks. 


Volunteer Descriptions and Information by Role

Please arrive at a volunteer kiosk at least 15 minutes before your shift to check-in, and be sure to allow yourself enough time to get to your position.

Please note: Changes to instructions, descriptions and/or locations may occur. Please be sure to check this webpage often as information may be posted here. Correspondence may also be sent to your email address on file, so be sure to check it often. 


Evening Social Volunteer

Reports to: Evening Social Volunteers will need to walk to the evening experience they will be volunteering for (Note: ADA shuttles will be provided for anyone who may need it). Please prepare ahead of time and be sure to allow yourself enough time to get to the experience. Once you have arrived, volunteers should locate someone from NRPA staff for further instructions.

Description: Evening Social Volunteers will assist with entry into the evening experience on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening, depending on the social chosen. They will support NRPA staff by collecting event tickets, checking for health screening stickers, reminding attendees masks are required, and by providing directional assistance into the event.


Exhibit Hall Directional Assistant

Reports to: Please arrive at a volunteer kiosk on Level 3, near the registration area, at least 15 minutes before your shift to check-in.

Description: Directional assistants will help to maintain the exhibit hall entry and exit flow during exhibit hall hours. They may also provide assistance with collecting tickets for the luncheons on Tuesday and Wednesday. 


Floor Captains (Learning Pods A and B)

Reports to: Please arrive at a volunteer kiosk nearest where you will be working at least 15 minutes before your shift to receive training on how to use the two-way radios, should they be used. You will receive your location assignments via email. You must check out at the volunteer kiosk and return the radios once your floor captain assignment is complete. If utilized, radios will be cleaned between assignments.

Description: Floor captains will be posted outside of specified session room locations and will provide support to the room hosts. They will assist when needed by contacting NRPA staff or someone from the AV team should any session rooms need AV assistance. They may also help to check rooms and ensure all assigned room hosts have arrived on time. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you may be doing a lot of standing and/or walking.


Flying Squad

Reports to: Please arrive at a volunteer kiosk on Level 1 or Level 2 at least 15 minutes before your shift to check-in with NRPA staff and await instructions.

Description: Flying Squad volunteers will help fill in areas where additional volunteers are needed. These roles might include filling in for session room hosts or floor captains when needed — or generally acting as a ‘runner.’ Flying squad volunteers must be flexible about where they are assigned and will be on call during their shift. Please be sure to bring a book, tablet/laptop, or a hobby to keep you busy. There are times when our flying squad folks may not be fully utilized.


Health Screening Checkpoint Usher

Reports to: This position will be the first point of entry for all attendees, exhibitors, speakers and staff. Please check in at the area you have signed up to work (i.e. Pod A, Pod B, Board/Speakers/Staff, or Exhibitors). Please arrive at at least 15 minutes prior to your shift for specific instructions.

Description: Health screening checkpoint ushers will assist with directing attendees to specific Learning Pod entry locations within the convention center and will assist with general line management. They also may remind attendees to complete their daily health screening questionnaire while waiting to enter.


Registration Usher

Reports to: Please arrive at the volunteer kiosk on Level 3, outside the registration area, at least 15 minutes before your shift to check-in and then report to the registration area.

Description: Registration ushers will assist with directing attendees to the correct registration counter (pre-registration or onsite registration) might aid with attendee questions, and may be assigned to help with other tasks. Familiarity with the building layout is recommended. Registration ushers will be carrying ‘lollipop’ signs and must be able to stand and walk for extended periods. 


Session Room Host (Learning Pods A and B)

Reports to: Please arrive at the volunteer kiosk you received as part of your room hosting assignments at least 15 minutes before your shift to check-in/check-out and then report to your assigned room (Note: All assignments have now been sent out via email).

Description: Session room host responsibilities include:

  • Checking the room set-up, ensuring chairs are neatly placed and debris is cleared from tables and floors.
  • Assisting speaker(s) by making announcements if needed. Room Host Script may be provided, depending on the session, and room hosts may be asked to read them before the session.
  • Working with the floor captains and/or the contracted AV team to help resolve any AV issues.
  • Monitoring room capacity as attendees enter session rooms (overcrowded rooms are not permitted). May determine and record the number of attendees in the session.
  • Aid with questions related to the app-based session evaluation and Continuing Education Units (CEU) process.
  • Returning any necessary materials or information to the volunteer kiosk immediately following the session.

All room hosts should review this detailed training document.

This year, most rooms will have one room host while larger session rooms may require two. Room hosts will have access to a floor captain who will be stationed nearby, but outside of your session room in case you should encounter a problem. 

As a room host, you are eligible to receive CEUs if you attend the entire session. To obtain CEUs for the sessions to which you are assigned, you must follow the same CEU procedures as the other session attendees.


Volunteer Kiosk Attendant

Reports to: All volunteer kiosk attendants will receive an email with their kiosk assignments. Please arrive at the designated kiosk 15 minutes before your shift starts. 

Description: Volunteer kiosk attendants will check volunteers in/out, and may hand out volunteer t-shirts (sponsored by PlayCore). They also will distribute session packets, which include room host scripts and attendance count forms prior to sessions, and will receive them back when each session is complete. Kiosk attendants might also provide general information to other volunteers or attendees. Checking volunteers in/out is critical. Anyone who has not signed in or out for their assigned volunteer responsibility runs the risk of being a no-show for assignments missed.